Charolais X weaner steers to $830/head at Toogoolawah.

Shepherdson and Boyd reported a yarding of 710 head on the 15th of September. Quality feeder steers and heifers remained unchanged, whilst the secondary feeders improved slightly in value with all major buyers in attendance. The weaner and backgrounder cattle remain tough but did improve in value slightly on the sale before. Cows and cows and calves remained unchanged on the previous weeks reduced rates.

Charbray feeder steers 18mthsFrantoio P/LBoonah$1090
Brangus feeder steers 16mthsK & J CormackMundubbera$1000
Charolais X weaner steers 6-8mthsB & A McLaughlinGatton$830
Charolais X steers 8mthsRathcool EntFernvale$800
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsP & F EgglestonToogoolawah$790
Brangus weaner steers 8mthsK & J CormackMundubbera$780
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsMark and Emma DennehyEsk$750
Droughtmaster X weaner steers 8mthsK & C DobsonWamuran$740
Charolais X weaner steers 6-8mthsL & P HaynesLinville$740
Bazadais X weaner steers 6mthsBen HardyEmu Creek$670
Limousin X weaner steers 6mthsN & K GreenKilcoy$650
good quality, light weight Charolais X weaner steers 6mthsD & F WilliamsonLinville$690
Charbray X feeder heifers 16mthsL & E GolinskiColinton$820
Charolais X light weight feeder heifers 14mthsJimna GrazingJimna$710
Brangus feeder heifers 16mthsK & J CormackMundubbera$670
Limousin X weaner heifers 6-8mthsN & K GreenKilcoy$540
Droughtmaster weaner heifers 8mthsSarger P/LLinville$500
Charolais X weaner heifers 8mthsAserlay farmMaleny$480
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsB & A McLoughlinGatton$480
Charbray weaner heifers 6 mthsS & S GeddaMaleny$460
run of quality light weight Charolais X weaner heifers 6mthsD & F WilliamsonLinville$400
Black Simmental X weaner heifers 6mthsM BarnesAnduramba$420
Charolais X weaner heifers 6mthsRathcool EntFernvale$420
Charolais Bulls 2 year oldR & J FreemanTallegalla$4400 and $3500
Aged Charbray Cows in forward store conditionHeart E GrazingToogoolawah$1000
Simmenatl X Braford six tooth heifersO’Briens PastoralTaloorum$1090
young, store condition Braford cowsO’Briens PastoralTaloorum$670
Aged angus X cows and calves accountJ & L CaffreyNanango$1030
Charolais X cowsJ & L CaffreyNanango$940/unit
Young Brahman cows with brahman calves at footR & L PerkinsOttaba$720

Shepherdson and Boyd would like to thank all their vendors, buyers and underbidders for their valued support. The next Toogoolawah Store Sale is Friday the 29th of September.

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