The 2nd weaner sale was held on Friday the 17th of June. A quality line up of 4285 head of weaners were yarded. There was strong competition from western & central buyers with the southern buyers less active this sale due to wet & unfavourable weather conditions.


The steer market remained fully firm to slightly dearer on current market values with quality lines selling exceptionally well.

Breed VendorLocation Price
Charolais and Santa x weaner steersCharlie StantonJimna Grazing$2090/head
Charbray weanerG & C LynchEsk2060/head
Charolais x weaner steersEskdale CattleEskdale South$2060, $2000/head
Charbray weaner steersMaree DuncombeConondale2030/head
Charolais and Brahman x weaner steers  Paradise GrazingNanango$2030, $2000 & $1850/head
Angus X weaner steersGlenvale Pastoral CoJimna$2040, $1910 & $1850/head
Charolais x weaner steersJ & S PastoralGin Gin$1980/head
Santa weaner steersMark TilleyBeaudesert$1850/head
Charolais x weaner steersWarigul Past CoEsk$1950/head
Charolais and Brahman weaner steersAnthony Dingle of T1Y P/LWoolooga$2020/head
Charbray weaner steersColinton StationColinton$1920/head
Angus x weaner steersMike Perrin & Andrea VonhoffAnduramba$1920/head
Charolais weaner steersB.V PatersonManumbar$1970/head
Simmental x weaner steersMudloo PastoralKilkivan$1930/head
Limo x weaner steersGlen MarshallNanango$2010/head


An excellent quality line up of heifers were yarded selling to firm market rates.

F1 Charolais X Brahman weaner heifersMaree DuncombeConondale$1900/head
Angus x weaner heifersGlenvale PastJimna$1890 & $1760/head
F1 Charolais X Brahman weaner heifersAnthony Dingle of T1Y P/LWoolooga$1750, $1660 & $1530/head
Santa weaner heifersJ & W GarvieKilcoy$1700/head
Charolais x weaner heifersG & N SchollMt White Stone$1700/head
Charolais x weaner heifersParadise GrazNanango$1680, $1640 & $1600/head
Charbray weaner heifersG & C LynchEsk$1650/head
Charolais x weaner heifersJ & S GrazingGin Gin$1580 & $1570/head
Charolais x weaner heifersEskdale CattleEskdale South$1570/head
Angus x weaner heifersATG PastKilcoy$1700/head
Charolais x weaner heifersATG PastKilcoy$1610/head
Simmental x weaner heifersGald PastSpring Creek Harlin$1560/head
Simmental x weaner heifersMudloo PastoralKilkivan$1560 & 1430/head
Charolais x weaner heifers                Ian GillilandBlackbutt$1550/head
Charolais x weaner heifersDarren PrattenKilcoy$1550/head

Shepherdson and Boyd sincerely thank all their vendors for presenting a quality line up of weaners, our buyers and underbidders for their spirited competition and all our hard-working staff on another highly successful sale.

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