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A Producer of Quality Cattle & Timber "LOGANVALE"


858.8 hectares or 2,122 acres


Freehold in 5 titles.


Predominately gently undulating Ironbark & spotted gum ridges interspersed with apple tree & blue gum flats & hollows.
Carrying excellent body of natural pastures.
Valuable stands of Ironbark & spotted gum timber.
Locked in P.M.A.V. with approx. 90% white.


Very good cattle yards with plunge dip, undercover vet & calf branding facilities, water troughs in yards.
Fully enclosed shed.


2 bores equipped with solar pumps, tanks & troughs.
Several good dams.
Semi permanent Ti Tree gully plus seasonal watercourses.

Carrying Capacity:

Current ownership of 25 years has consistently carried 200 adult females.


Fencing in very good condition.

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