Shepherdson and Boyd reported a yarding of 1065 head of cattle with the market remaining strong. Breeder heifers were in strong demand selling to a dearer market. The backgrounder and feeder market remained strong for the quality lines of cattle with the secondary types showing signs of easing due to dry weather conditions setting in.

 The feeder steer market remained strong with a smaller yarding coming to hand. Four tooth feeder steers account Kevin McCarthy sold for $2230 head. Angus, light feeder bullocks with four teeth account R V Clifford of Thangool sold for $2200, $2150 & 2140. W J Latimer of Aratula sold Droughtmaster feeder steers for $2100 and trade feeder steers for $2020. Daren Dangerfield sold Santa x trade feeder steers for $1960/head. Glendale Partnership of Harlin sold a pen of quality Droughtmaster backgrounder steers for $1860/head. G & K Gelhaar of Gatton sold Charolais backgrounder steers for $1800/head.

Light backgrounder steers account R & V Clifford from Thangool sold for $1710 and $1630/head. Duncan and Fiona Williamson sold a quality line of Charolais x weaner steers for, $1620, $1600 & $1580/head. Grieve Bros of Harlin sold 5month old Charolais x weaners for $1490 and $1420/head. N & D Rosser of Buaraba sold quality Limo x weaner steers for $1610/head. N & D O’Connor of Scrub Creek sold Charolais x weaner steers for $1650. Angus x weaner steers account R J Bird of Gatton sold for $1550/head. DMG Past of Emu Creek sold quality Brahman x weaner steers for $1540/head.

Quality breeder heifers were in demand with unjoined Brangus heifers selling to $2280/head A line of 32 unjoined Santa heifers account Alty and Rhonda Wolff sold for $2100, $2100 & $1910/head. M & F Burrow of Colinton sold Charbray heifers 20months for $2080 & $2060/head. Stark Rural of Johnstown sold quality Droughtmaster heifers for a top of $1900. Charolais weaner heifers account G & C Beanland of Kingaroy sold Charolais x weaner heifers 8mths old for $1490/head. Duncan and Fiona Williamson of Linville sold a line of Charolais Weaner heifers 6-8mths old for $1400, $1400, $1400 and $1390/head. G & N Stark of Anduramba sold Droughtmaster x weaner heifers for $1500/head. Fernvale Past sold Charolais weaner heifers 6months old for $1240/head.

The cow and calf market today remained strong to slightly dearer with the lead making $2900/unit for some aged Simmental x cows and calves. Aged cows with young calves account P & R O’Brien of Gayndah sold for $2600/head, $2500, $2500 and $2420 / unit. PTIC aged Simmental cows account the Coleman family sold for 2080/head. Thank you to all buyers, vendors and underbidders. We look forward to seeing you all at our next store sale on the 8th of October.

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