Charolais x weaner steers sell to $2010/head

Agents Shepherdson and Boyd reported a yarding of 1420 head of cattle for their Toogoolawah store sale on the 22nd of April 2022. Heavy feeder steers sold to a slightly easier market this week due to space availability into both feedlots and processing facilities. We saw this effect flow on into our weaner and backgrounder market with the quality lines of weaners still selling very well. Limited cows and calves were yarded and sold well. Thank you to all our vendors, buyers and underbidders.

Our next store sale is the 6th of May.

Stock Description:Vendor:Location:Breed:Price:
Feeder Bullocks 20mthsHayden FamilyBrydenDroughtmaster x$2340/head
Feeder Bullocks (18-20mths)Abercorn PastEidsvoldEuro x$2250/head
Backgrounder Steers 12-14mthsNeil HobartToogoolawahDroughtmaster x$2020/head
Weaner Steers 8-10mths oldC & S HendersonLaceys CreekCharolais x$2010/head
Weaner Steers 8-10mths oldMay EbbernLinvilleCharolais x$2000/head
Weaner Steers 6-8mths oldD & F WilliamsonLinvilleCharolais x$1990/head
Weaner Steers 6-8mths oldMt Moon BeefCroftbyCharolais x$1950/head
Trade Feeder Heifers 18-20mthsAbercorn PastEidsvoldCharolais x$2100/head
Trade Feeder Heifers 16-18mthsS J FoggLinvilleCharolais x$2040/head
Replacement Breeder HeifersStark RuralJohnstownDroughtmaster x$2060/head
Backgrounder Heifers 12-14mthsL & E GolinskiColintonCharolais x$1710/head
Weaner Heifers 8-10mths oldMay EbbernLinvilleCharolais x$1610/head
Weaner Heifers 6-8 mths oldMt Moon BeefCroftbyCharolais x$1660/head
Weaner Heifers 6-8 mths oldD & F WilliamsonLinvilleCharolais x$1540/head
Preg Tested in Calf HeifersMt Moon BeefCroftbyDroughtmaster$2800/head
Cows & CalvesNinbahBeaudesertBrangus x$2950/head
Cows & CalvesBen WoodlandGlenmorgan ValeBrangus x$2950/head

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