Toogoolawah Weaner & Store Sale

Shepherdson and Boyd reported a yarding of 2852 head at Toogoolawah for their weaner and store sale held on the 19th of April. Heavy Feeder steers and Euro X feeder steers sold to a fully firm to slightly dearer market. Tropical contented and lighter weight weaner steers continued to ease. The heifer portion sold to very similar traits with the heavier Euro X and British X weaner heifers highly sought after whilst competition is limited for the lighter weight and tropical contented heifers.

Charolais X feeders steers 20-24mthsPaul WalshMarburg$1580
Charolais X feeder steers 20-24mthsLewis ParozMutdapilly$1560
Charolais X steers 20mthsIan ParozLaidley$1530
Santa feeder steers 20mthsRussell GrayLinville$1490
Brangus X feeder steers 18-20mthsIan Donald ElectricalRush Creek$1410
Red Brangus X feeder steers 18-20mthsAllan SandilandsToogoolawah$1370
Charbray X feeder steers 18-120mthsD & D JacksonToogoolawah$1370
Charbray X steers 16-18mthsTandarra PartnershipMt Kilcoy$1340
Charolais X steers 12-14mthsP & R O’BrienGayndah$1220
Charbray X weaner steers 10-12mthsGreendale Cattle CoTambo$1190
Angus X weaner steers 10-12mthsGreendale Cattle CoTambo$1030
Charolais X weaner 8-10mthsG & D FrancisToogoolawah$1140
Charolais X weaner steers 10mthsGraham McphersonKilcoy$1140
Charolais X weaner steers 8-10mthsBarraclough PartnershipToogoolawah$1120
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsVitwood P/LGin Gin$1120
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsNeil HobartToogoolawah$1080
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsSager P/LLinville$1070
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsR & T TinneyToogoolawah$1070
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsATG PastoralKilcoy$1040
Angus X weaner steers 8mthsRathcool EntFernvale$1010
Santa X weaner steers 8mthsG & j CahillBeaudesert$1000
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsWarach P/LToogoolawah$950
Droughtmaster X weaner steers 8mthsWarigul PastoralEsk$950
Angus X steers 8mthsMorden PastoralToogoolawah$950
Charolais X weaner steers 6-8mthsCanekeel P/LCrossdale$850
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsKate CoshKingaroy$960
Charbray X weaner steers 6mthsG & L MartinElimbah$950
Charbray X weaner steers 8mthsGlenlee FarmingMt Sylvia$930
Santa weaner steers 5-6mthsG & D TilleyBeaudesert$900
Charolais X weaner steers 6-8mthsALB PastoralKilcoy$910
Charolais X weaner steers 6-8mthsPeter StantonMt Kilcoy$910
Charolais X weaner heifers 8-10 mthsG & D FrancisToogoolawah$870
Charolais X weaner heifers 8mthsBarraclough PartnershipToogoolawah$850
Charolais X weaner heifers 8-10mthsNeil HobartToogoolawah$840
Santa X Charolais Weaner heifersWoodmillar SantasGayndah$800
Charolais X weaner heifersWarigul PastoralEsk$850
Charolais X weaner heifers 8mthsPeter StantonMt Kilcoy$770
Charolais X weaner heifersGraham McPhersonKilcoy$830
Charolais X heifers 12mthsP & R O’BrienGayndah$790
Angus X weaner heifers 8mthsGreendale Past. CoTambo$730
Angus X weaner heifers 8mthsRathcool EntFernvale$680
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsALB PastoralKilcoy$710
Santa heifers 5-6mthsG & D TilleyBeaudesert$660
Charolais X weaner heifers 6mthsSarger P/LLinville$650
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsBaneda PastoralConondale$670
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsTablelandsMonsildale$630

Shepherdson and Boyd would like to thank all of their vendors, buyers and underbidders for their valued support. The next Toogoolawah Store Sale will be Friday the 3rd of May, starting at 9am.

Charolais x Weaner Steers 8mths old account of Vitwood Grazing Pty Ltd of Gin Gin sold for $1120/head.

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