Yard Records Continue to be Broken at Toogoolawah Store Sale.

8-Month-Old Charbray x Weaner Steers sell to $2150/head

Charbray Feeder steers account the Woodrow Family of Kilcoy sold for $2700/head and $2610/head. N & A Pakleppa of Moore sold 4 tooth Santa X feeder steers for $2700/head. Lauren Cahill from Christmas Creek sold Charbray Feeder Steers 20mths old for $2550/head. L & P Hayne’s of Linville sold 18mth old Charolais X steers to $2490/head. Tamara Buchanan sold quality Brangus feeder steers 24mths old for $2690/head. I & G Wild of Manumbar sold Droughtmaster/Brahman X Feeder steers 20mths old for $2450/head & $2400/head. C & A Artemiew of Somerset Dam sold Droughtmaster X Steers 16-18mths old for $2360/head.

Michael Baker of Eidsvold sold a quality line of 157 Droughtmaster & Droughtmaster cross Angus backgrounder steers, 7-12-months old with pens selling to $2240, $2110, $2110, $2010 & $1900/head. Graham McPherson of Kilcoy sold a quality line of Charolais x weaner steers 8-12 months old with pens topping at $2180/head. Paradise Grazing of Nanango sold an outstanding line of Charbray weaner steers 6-8 months of age with pens selling for $2150 & $2000/head.

 I & G Wild of Manumbar sold Droughtmaster Brahman X steers 12months old for $2090/head. A & E Gilliland of Monsildale sold Euro X Steers 12 months for $2140/head. Julie McKenna sold Charolais weaner steers for $2250/head. L B Rural of Toogoolawah sold a quality pen of Angus X weaner steers 5-7 months old for $2070/head. T & M Copley of Anduramba sold Brahman Backgrounder Steers to top at $2000.

The heifer Market was on fire this week with Restockers, Feed lotters and Replacement Breeder operators showing extremely strong competition. L & P Haynes of Linville sold a quality pen of 18month old Charolais X heifers for $2440/head. Yabba Pastoral of Jimna sold pens of Santa X heifers for $2320, $2300, $2260 & $2200/head. Pecan Pastoral of Toogoolawah sold Charolais X feeder heifers 16-18 months old for $2220/head. Brayden Fry of Moore sold Brangus X backgrounder heifers 12 months old for $2010/head. Gina Drew of Mt Mee sold a quality pen of Speckle Park X heifers for $2000/head.

 SMS & L Struss from Maleny sold Angus X weaner heifers for $1900/head. G & J Cahill of Christmas Creek sold Simmental X heifers 10-12 months old for $1880/head. Paradise Grazing of Nanango sold pens of Charbray weaner heifers 6-8 months old for $1860, $1860 and $1770. Croftby Downs sold a quality pen of Charbray weaner heifers for $1760/head. LB Rural of Toogoolawah sold Angus X weaner heifers 5-7 months old for $1740/head.

Cows and Calves were in demand topping at $3950/unit for 7-year-old Charbray X cows with Charolais X calves at foot. B & T Mason sold Simmental X first calf heifers with speckle park calves at foot for $3850/unit. 11 year old Charbray cow with Droughtmaster X calves 1-2months at foot sold for $3800/unit. Barnes Grazing of Anduramba sold big framed aged cows with young calves at foot for $3700/unit. SMS & L Struss sold aged Droughtmaster cows with young calves at foot for $3625/unit. RJ & KJ Johannesen sold a quality pen of Bazadais X cows with young Brangus calves at foot for $3500/unit.

Preg tested in calf females sold to a dearer market this week with a pen of young Droughtmaster cows pregnancy tested in calf under four months account Michael Baker of Eidsvold selling for $3100/head. Brisbane Valley Holding of Coominya sold a pen of first calf Droughtmaster Pregnant heifers for $2850/head. J & A Mcaulay of Kilcoy sold aged Droughtmaster cows Preg tested in calf for $2600/head.

The team at Shepherdson and Boyd would like to sincerely thank all our clients for their support throughout the year. A big thank you also to our staff for their ongoing commitment and hard work. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We hope 2022 is filled with kind weather and good cattle prices. Thank You!

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