Shepherdson & Boyd reported a smaller yarding of 553 head on the 13th of October. Quality restocker steers sold to a firm market on recent sales while heifers continued to ease.

Description:Vendor:Location: Price:
Droughtmaster x Steers 16mthsEJ & KE ZiserBeerburrum$760
Droughtmaster x Steers 14 mthsAD & KA PrattKilcoy$690
Santa x Steers 15mthsGR & SJ IssellCoominya$730
Angus x Steers 14 mthsKarraman FarmingKerry$760
Angus x Steers 12 mthsK DuncanHelidon$680
Charolais x Steers 12-14 mthsGA & LH GelhaarIngoldsby$720
Droughtmaster x Steers 12-14 mthsKarraman FarmingKerry$620
Charolais x Steers 8mthsG SchollMt Whitestone$600
Charolais x Steers 8mthsFernvale PastoralFernvale$600
Charolais x Steers 8-10mthsL SkinnerColinton$660
Simmental x Steers 6mthsL NorthFernvale$510
Droughtmaster x Steers 6mthsP & R McCarthyToogoolawah$480
Angus x Steers 6mthsM CarterToogoolawah$480
Angus Steers 6mthsNaxi AgCoal Creek$470
Angus x Heifers 15mthsGR & SJ IssellCoominya$650
Charolais x Heifers 15mthsSamuel HoldingsManumbar$660
Droughtmaster Heifers 12-14mthsMR & MR PackhamToogoolawah$500
Angus Heifers 12mthsK DuncanHelidon$610
Charolais x Heifers 8-10mthsGrantham GrazingColinton$440
Angus Heifers 6mthsNaxi AgCoal Creek$360
Charolais x Heifers 6mthsG SchollMt Whitestone$370
Simmental x Heifers 5-6mthsL NorthFernvale$290
Charbray Prime CowsL SkinnerColinton$1140
Charolais x Store CowsD BennettToogoolawah$590
Angus x Store CowsM CarterToogoolawah$380

Shepherdson and Boyd would like to thank all of their vendors, buyers and underbidders for their valued support.  Next Toogoolawah Store Sale will be on Friday the 27th October, starting at 9am.

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