Charolais X Cows and Calves sell to $2650/Unit at Toogoolawah

Shepherdson and Boyd reported a yarding of 1787 head for there store sale on the 12th of January. With some widespread welcomed rain over the Christmas period, the feed lotters, breeders, and backgrounder buyers had plenty of confidence in the season again. The first sale of the year opened strong with all descriptions selling to a dearer market.

Description: Vendor: Location:Price:
Murray Grey X feeder bullocks 24-28mthsThe Williams familyMt Kilcoy$1760
Limousin X Brahman feeder steers 18mthsG & M BamblingMonto$1540
Charolais X feeder steers 18-20mthsLyle FacerYarraman$1540
Charolais X feeder steers 18-20mthsR & D MayerMt Byron$1530
Charolais X feeder steers 16-18mthsI, A & J FrohloffYarraman$1500
Santa X steers 18mthsLeikefett HoldingsEskdale$1480
Charolais X feeder steers 14-16mthsL & P HaynesLinville $1330
quality line of Charolais X backgrounder steers 10-14mthsGrieve BrosHarlintopping at $1390, $1300 & $1280
Limousin X steers 14-16mthsClint GreenhillCoominya$1330
Angus X steers 12mthsGlenvale P/shipJimna$1260
Charbray steers 12mthsJuandah GrazingLake Manchester$1240
Charbray weaner steers 10-12mthsGraham McPhersonKilcoy$1230
Droughtmaster Steers 12-14mthsJ & C MarriottBlackbutt$1240
Charbray steers 12mthsLuck FarmingMt Mort$1210
Angus X steers 12mthsCoates FarmingMaroon$1130
Shorthorn X steersKerrod PierceRockhampton$1140 & $1110
Droughtmaster weaner steers 6mthsWatonga GrazingNebo$920
Santa steers 6-8mthsE & M Cooke$850
Breeder quality Charbray heifers, 18mthsAlan DeanConondale$1420
Charolais X heifers 16-18mthsI, A & J FrohloffYarraman$1170
Charbray X feeder heifers 16-18mthsA & A CousinsHarlin$1160
Charolais X feeder heifers 18mthsLyle FacerYarraman$1130
Charolais X feeder heifersL & P HaynesLinville$1080
Santa X heifers 18mthsJ & K HarveyToogoolawah$1080
Charolais X heifers 20mthsR & J HampsonMonto$1080
Angus X feeder heifers 14-16mthsGlenvaleJimna$1050
Charolais X heifers 10-14mthsGrieve BrosHarlinpens topping at $1000, $960, $920 and $900
Limousin X heifers 12mthsG & K GelhaarGatton$950
Charolais X heifers 10mthsGraham McPhersonKilcoy$950
Santa X weaner heifers 10mthsB & L HayesTarampa$930
Santa heifers 12-14mthsA & R WolffToogoolawah$900
Charolais X heifers 10 – 12mthsJima GrazingJimna$810
Droughtmaster heifers 12mthsW & T DavisLinville$770
Santa heifers 10-12mthsTaylor SchofieldChristmas Creek$790
A quality pen of young Charolais cows with calvesD & C SteinbackBlackbutt$2650
middle aged Angus X cows with 2-3mths old calves at footLachlan BarnesAnduramba$2000
aged Charolais X cows and 3mth old calvesBarnes GrazingAnduramba$1800
Charbray cows and CalvesA & H PerrettGympie$1775
PTIC Charbray Cows 5-8 yearsA & H PerrettGympie$1600

Shepherdson and Boyd would like to thank all of their vendors, buyers and underbidders for their valued support.  The next Toogoolawah Store Sale will be on Thursday the 25th January, starting at 9am.

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