There was a yarding of 1500 head on the 10th of June for the fortnightly store sale. A large percentage of the yarding were steers selling to a firm market with second grade cattle showing signs of easing. A quality line of feeder bullocks came to hand and sold fully firm to slightly dearer on the previous sale values.  

Breed VendorLocation Price
Simmental & Charolais X heavy feeder steersDavid O’BrienTaloorum$2490 & $2480/head
Mixed Lighter feeder steers 16-20mthsFerling PastKilcoy$2280, $2290 & $2260/head
Charolais X Simmental steers 18mthsC & J HewittMt Mee$2260/head
Angus steers 16mthsLionel & Leanne TinneyHarlin$2200/head
Charolais x steers 14-16mthsJustin ManganNanango$2110/head
Speckle Park steers 14mthsGina DrewMt Mee$1950/head
Charolais x steer 10mthsPratten & RicardoKilcoy$1990/head
Droughtmaster Steers 12-16mthsSword HoldingHarlin$1910, $1880 & $1810/head
Droughtmaster & Angus X weaner steersMonte CasinoKilcoy$1820/head
Charolais weaner steersC & B StrettonBlackbutt$1720/head
Angus x weaner steersM & G WilsonBlackbutt$1770/head
Angus x heifers 18 monthsMark & Sarah ConnorsCoal Creek$2200/head
Droughtmaster heifers 18mthsRSVP TrustWondai$2020/head
Droughtmaster heifers 20mthsStark ContractingAnduramba$2060/head
Speckle Park heifers 16mthsGina DrewMt Mee$1840/head
Angus x weaner heifersGreg HoseToogoolawah$1450/head
Charolais x weaner heifersC & B StrettonBlackbutt$1420 & $1410/head
Droughtmaster weaner heifersMount MoonMoogerah                        $1400/head
Droughtmaster PTIC cowsAlan DeaneConondale$3000 & $2900/head
Droughtmaster PTIC cowsRice Family GrazingFairney View$2900/head

Thank you to our vendors, buyers and underbidders for your support. Our next weaner sale will be on the 17th of June with 4000 head booked.

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