Empty Cows to $2,600

Shepherdson & Boyd yarded 1050 head of cattle at Toogoolawah Store Sale. A quality run of heavy feeder steers and backgrounders came to hand and sold to a strong market. Weaner steers and heifers were fully firm with buyers from the South looking to secure quality lines of young cattle. A good line of trade feeder heifers came to hand and sold to a stronger market. A lesser quality line up of cows and cows and calves were yarded selling firm on last weeks rates.

G & L Hartwig of Eidsvold sold Hereford x heavy feeder steers for $2320/head, $2160/head, $2180/head and $2150/head. E Dowsett of Lark Hill sold Angus x heavy feeder steers for 2210/head. Stark Rural of Manumbar sold Speckled Park trade feeder steers for $1920/head. P & R O’Brien of Gayndah sold a line of backgrounder Charolais X Red Brangus steers 14-16mths old for $1880, $1810, $1820 & $1770/head. Red Bank Trust of Esk sold quality pens of Santa backgrounder steers 16mths old for $1830, $1810 and $1800/head.

Sarger P/L of Linville sold 10mths old light Charolais weaner steers for $1540/head. Perrett Traders of Jimna sold quality pens of Charbray weaner steers for $1560/head & 1500/head. G & M Williams of Toogoolawah sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1510/head. G & N Stark of Anduramba sold Angus weaner steers 8mths for $1500/head. Rural Australias Advisory Unit P/L of Proston sold backgrounder Santa x steers for $1710, $1690, $1730, $1710/head. B Schultz of Manumbar sold Angus x weaner steers for $1450/head. Alcind Family Trust of Woolmar sold 6mths old Charolais x males for $1400/head.

M & F Burrow of Colinton sold 20mth old Charbray x heifers for $1930/head. Inverstanley Past Co of Dundas sold a quality line of trade feeder heifers for $1920, $1900, $1870, $1830 & $1800/head. Stark Rural of Manumbar sold a quality pen of Droughtmaster heifers 14mths old for $1700/head. Red Bank Trust of Esk sold Santa heifers 16mths old for $1810/head. Andrew and Hayley Ahern of Gayndah sold Charbray trade feeder heifers for $1830 and a line of backgrounder heifers for $1430, $1570 & $1400/head. Gina Drew of Mt Mee sold Brahman weaner heifers for $1260/head. Kilcoy Butcher sold light Charolais x weaner heifers 8mths old for $1410/head.

Russell Jaenke of Toogoolawah sold Droughtmaster unjoined cow for $2600/head and $2300/head. Alcind Family trust sold cull Charbray cows for $2280/head. Olivia Grazing of Kilcoy sold Droughtmaster cows for $2190/head. Hereford x PTIC aged cows account G & L Hartwig sold $1870/head & $1760/head and Hereford x cows and calves for $2400/unit. We thank all our vendors, buyers and underbidders for their support.

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