Santa Weaner Heifers 10mths to $1880/head

This week’s market at Toogoolawah remained fully firm on last week’s exceptional rates. Feeder bullocks and trade feeder steers improved this week with the best of the feeder steers topping at $2490/head for a pen of Charbray steers account RW Hession. Fernbank Pastoral of Kilcoy sold Droughtmaster feeder bullocks for $2400/head. Paroz Bros of Mutdapilly sold Charolais x steers 20mths old for $2300/head. The Davis Family of Linville sold a quality line of Charolais and Droughtmasters feeder bullocks for $2380 & $2290/head. Trade Brangus x feeder steers account R & S Read of Mundubbera sold for $2000/head.

David & Colleen Smith of Manumbar sold Droughtmaster steers 12mths old for $1950 & $1800/head. G & C Lynch of Esk sold Charbray weaner steers for $1870/head. Woodside Cattle of Kilcoy sold Charolais steers 12mth for $1860/head. Greive Bro’s of Colinton sold 7-month-old Charolais weaner steers for $1810/head. Brisbane Valley Holdings of Coominya sold a quality line of Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1780, $1750 & $1740/head. A & A Fitzgerald of Esk sold Charolais x weaner steers 8-months-old for $1710/head. Jesse Roberton of Kilcoy sold Charolais x weaner steers 7-months-old for $1640/head. Delcosta of Linville sold Charolais weaners 6-months-old for $1610/head.

J & C Dohle of Linville sold a line of Droughtmaster x weaner steers 6-8-months-old for $1800/head, $1640 & $1600/head. The Pierce Family of Rockhampton sold Brahman x steers 12mths old for $1700/head and Shorthorn x weaner steers 8mths for $1570/head. Karreman Quarries of Harlin sold quality light Santa weaner steers for $1570/head. P & R O’Brien of Gayndah sold Brangus calves for $1520/head.

Quality lines of heifers were in strong demand again selling to a competitive panel of buyers. 18-month-old Droughtmaster heifers account R & S Read of Mundubbera sold for $2060/head. Woodmillar Santa’s of Gayndah sold outstanding Santa weaner heifers for $1880/head. M. Burrows Family Trust of Cooeeimbardi sold Sant weaner heifers 10mth for $1500/head. K & S Terry of Hayden sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers $1510/head. Woodside Cattle of Kilcoy sold 14mth old heifers for $1680/head. Coal Creek Angus of Esk sold Angus weaner heifers for $1550/head.

Telford and Melden of Esk sold Limo x weaner heifers 6-8-months old for $1590/head. A & A Fitzgerald of Esk sold Charolais x weaner heifers 8-months-old for $1540/head. Brahman x weaner heifers account R & D Bruxner sold for $1450/head. Delcosta of Linville sold quality Charolais weaner heifers 6-months-old for $1500/head. DMG Past of Anduramba sold Brahman x weaner heifers for $1370/head.

Limited cows and calves were yarded today. W & C Sutherland sold aged Santa cows and calves for $2550/head. P & F Eggleston Sold aged Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2450/head. Jimna Grazing sold aged Charolais x cows PTIC for $2100/head. E & M Cooke sold Santa PTIC heifers for $2425/head.

Thank you to all our vendors, buyers and under-bidders for a successful day. Only three sales left for this year, our next sale is on the 19th of November. Bookings open. 9am start time!!!

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