Cows & Calves Top at $4000/Unit

Widespread rain across South East Queensland resulted in a reduced yarding of 620 head at today’s Toogoolawah Store Sale. Even though it was a wet track plenty of buyers turned up and we again reached our record yard average.

Snow & Anne Pakleppa of Moore sold quality four tooth Santa x feeder steers for $2750/head. Brian & Colleen Smith of Coominya sold an outstanding pen of light Charbray feeder bullocks for $2570/head. The Dennehy family of Esk sold Droughtmaster feeder steers 24mths old for $2500/head. Ross & Tracey Tinney sold Droughtmaster steers 20mths old for $2500/head. KDS Partnership of Gregors Creek sold Droughtmaster steers 20mths for $2470/head. Bill & Jo Lindstrum of Lower Cressbrook sold Santa x Steers 18mths old for $2480/head. L B Rural of Toogoolawah sold Angus x steers 20mths old $2380/head. Juandah Grazing of Lake Manchester sold Charbray steers 18months old for $2330/head. Pecan Pastoral of Toogoolawah sold Braford x steers 16mths old for $2310/head. Gina Drew of Mt Mee sold quality speckled Park steers 16-18mth old for $2160 and $2120/head.

Brisbane Valley Pastoral of Harlin sold Droughtmaster steers 14-18mths old for $2200, $2150 & $2000/head. Eskdale Cattle sold a line of backgrounder steers 12mths old for $1970, $1900 & $1880. Barnes Grazing of Anduramba sold 12-14mth old Santa steers for $1940/head. Brisbane Valley Protein of Coominya sold light Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1840/head. A & B Little of Toogoolawah sold Brangus x steer calves 6mths old for $1850/head. G, R & M Bauer sold light Charbray weaner steers for $1820/head, Light Brahman weaner steer calves for $1550, $1470, $1460/head.

A smaller yarding of heifers came to hand today selling to an exceptional market. Pecan Pastoral of Toogoolawah sold two pens of Angus x heifers 16mths old for $2100/head. Melissa Thornton of Kilcoy sold Charolais x backgrounder heifers 14mths old for $1800/head. Eskdale Cattle sold Angus x backgrounder heifers 14mths old for $1880, $1760 & $1750/head. G,R & M Bauer sold a run of light weight quality Brahman weaner heifers 6mths old for $1580, $1560 & $1400/head.

A quality line of cows and calves came to hand this week and sold to strong competition. Barnes Grazing of Anduramba sold Aged Charolais x cows and calves for $4000/unit. C, M & A MacIntyre sold Brangus x cows and calves for $3950/unit. P & R O’Brien of Gayndah sold a quality line of 69 Red Brangus x Cows and Calves for $3900, $3700, $3650/unit.

On behalf of Shepherdson and Boyd we would like to thank all our vendors, buyers and underbidders on yet another record-breaking sale. Our last sale for the year will be on the 17th of December 2021.

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