Charolais X Weaner Steers sell to a top of $1250/head at The Shepherdson and & Boyd June Weaner Sale

Shepherdson and Boyd reported a quality yarding of 3820 head of weaners for their annual June weaner sale. The market remained fully firm to slightly dearer for the quality runs of weaners over 200kgs, lesser quality lines and light weight weaners remained easier.

Charolais X weaner steers 10mthsBernie DuncombeManumbar$1210 & $1100
Charolais weaner steersD & F WilliamsonLinville$1180, $1000 & $950
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsThe O’Brien FamilyGayndah$1000
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsG McPhersonKilcoy$1000
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsTammye ConroyBryden$1120
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsBanjo PatersonManumbar$1020
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsB & A McLoughlinGatton$990
Limousin X steers 9 mthsB & A McLoughlinGatton$920
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsThe Tinney FamilyToogoolawah$960
Charolais X weaner steers 7mthsRedlin GrazingToogoolawah$950
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsJimna GrazingJimna$980
Santa X weaner steersJimna GrazingJimna$920
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsWayne SchollGatton$980
Charolais X weaner steers 8mthsG & N SchollGatton$980
Angus X weaner steers 7-8mthsSpean PastoralEsk$970
Limousin X weaner steers 7mthsN & D RosserBuaraba$950
Charolais X weaner steers 6-8mthsBaker & HaselerMt Mee$960
Santa X weaner steers 7mthsLachlan BarnesAnduramba$930
Charolais X weaner steersR & T RichardsManumbar$900
Charolais X weaner steers 6-8mthsJ & S PastoralGin Ginpens topping at $990, $900 & $890
Angus X weaner steers 7-8mthsLatimer & SonsKilcoy$930
Simmental X steers 5-7mthsMinatokaMurgon$890
Charolais X weaner steers 7mthsCair ConditioningBuaraba $950
Brangus weaner steers 8mthsR & H MilnerBaralaba$910
Charolais X weaner steers 6-7mthsJohn & Judy MewingGlenhowden$820
Limousin X weaner heifers 7mthsN & D RosserBuaraba$1030
Hereford Brahman X weaner heifers 6-8mthsBuaraba Creek Pastoral coCoominya$850
Charolais X weaner heifers 8mthsWayne SchollGatton$780
Simmental X weaner heifers 6-8mthsL & M NorthFernvale$730
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsGraham SchollGatton$700
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsBaker & HaselerMt Mee$690
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsBanjo PatersonManumbar$690
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsP & R O’BrienGayndah$760 & $730
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsD & F WilliamsonLinville$760 & $700
Angus X weaner heifers 8mthsGreendale CattleTambo$750
Angus X weaner heifers 7mthsLattimer & SonsKilcoy$740
Charolais X weaner heifersB J FarmsMonsildale$730
Charolais X weaner heifers 7-8mthsG McPhersonKilcoy$720
Angus X weaner heifers 8mthsP & B Mc GreevyAduramba$710
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsB & A McLaughlinDerrymore$650
Charolais X weaner heifers 6mthsSpean PastoralEsk$680
Charolais weaner heifers 6mthsThe Tinney FamilyToogoolawah$590
Charolais X weaner heifersJ & S PastoralGin Ginpens making $630, $610 & $610
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-7mthsWarigul PastoralEsk$610
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mthsGeoff WagstaffMaleny$640
Simmental X weaner heifersRebecca O’BrienGayndah$690
Angus X weaner heifers 6mthsSpean PastoralEsk$620
Quality light weight weaner heifers 5-6mthsParadise GrazingNanango$570, $540 & $540
Shepherdson and Boyd would like to thank all their vendors, buyers and underbidders for their valued support. The next Sale is on the 30th of June.
Charolais x weaners account of Bernie Duncombe of Manumbar sold for $1210/head.

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