Charolais Weaner Steers top at $1500/head at Toogoolawah Store Sale

Shepherdson and Boyd reported a yarding of 1355 head of cattle at Toogoolawah Store Sale last week. With large areas of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales feeling the effects of dry weather combined with an oversupply of cattle, market prices continued to ease. Better lines of weaner steers eased slightly with lesser quality steers and heifers eased in price. A smaller yarding of aged cows and calves came to hand a sold firm on previous sale rates.

Heavy Droughtmaster steers 20-24mthsEd Kemmis-MattersonKilcoy$1650
Droughtmaster steers 18-20mthsB & Z Holdings$1630
Quality Speckle Park steers 16-18mthsIvery Downs CattleColinton $1600
Charbray feeder steers 20mthsTony WoodrowKilcoy$1580
Charbray X steers 14-16mthsDMG PastEmu Creek$1400
Charolais X steers 12-14mthsPJN GrazingBiarra$1310
Charolais X backgrounder steersG & D FrancisBiarra$1290
Charolais X weaner steers 8-10 mths- outstanding penA & E MarriottNanango$1500
Quality Charolais X weaner steersR & D WainwrightMt Byron$1370
Charolais X weaner steersK & M HeadYarraman$1360
Santa X steers 12mthsA & S BoyleEidsvold$1230
Angus steersCole Country TrustGatton$1330
Angus X weaner steersW & A OxenfordToogoolawah$1330
Santa X weaner steersGallanani GrazingEsk$1250
Simmental X weaner steersL & M NorthWivenhoe$1200
Charbray heifers 18-20mths- Quality lineR & T ZiesemerTaroom$1460 $1440, $1430 & $1400
Droughtmaster heifers 16-18mthsGarry IssellCoominya$1220
Charolais X feeder heifers 15mthsMoke MountainLinville$1230
Brahman heifers 18mthsAaron MarshallNanango$1210
Quality Brangus backgrounder heifersBrisbane Valley HoldingsCoominya$1080
Santa backgrounder heifers 14mthsA & S BoyleEidsvold$1060
Charolais X heifers 12-14mthsRay RichardsManumbar$1060
Charolais X Angus weaner heifersThe Schmidt familyFernvale$1000
Limo X weaner heifers 8-10mthsPerrin & VonhoffAnduramba$960
Charolais X weaner heifers 6-8mths- qualityK & M HeadYarraman$870
Angus weaner heifers 6-8mthsW & A OxenfordToogoolawah$810
Limo weaner heifers 8-10mthsD & S WalmsleyCushine$810
Charolais X aged cows with Charolais X calves at foot 2-3mthsBanjo PatersonNanango$2140


Charbray heifers 18-20 months old account of Beaumont Grazing of Taroom sold for $1460/head. 

Shepherdson and Boyd would like to thank all their vendors, buyers and underbidders for your valued support.

Our next store sale is the 17th of March.

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